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Friday Finds: 5.18.18

{$excerpt:n} <!– It’s a mid-May Friday and I’m here with all your weekly time wasting interesting internet articles :)–> Source: I am a food blog – Friday Finds: 5.18.18


Turkey Menchi Katsu Burger Recipe

{$excerpt:n} <!– If you love all things deep-fried, you’re gonna love this Japanese menchi katsu burger: a super juicy deep fried turkey patty, mustard, cheese, and tonkatsu sauce on a toasted brioche bun.–> Source:...


Camp Cooking: Claypot Chicken Rice Recipe

{$excerpt:n} <!– Gear up for camping season with this camp-friendly claypot chicken rice. Prep everything at home, bring it all in a cooler and you’ve got yourself the most satisfying meal, right by the...


What to Cook in May

{$excerpt:n} <!– A round-up of spring-summer forward recipes for May!–> Source: I am a food blog – What to Cook in May